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Day One in Saudi Arabia

14 Aug

Al Faisaliah Tower, RiyadhMy first full day in Riyadh was quite an eye opener. Having arrived last night after dark, it was the first chance I had to see the city. Our office, located on an upper floor of the architecturally fascinating and beautiful Al-Faisaliah Tower, has a sweeping view over the city below, which reflects the bright sun from its white and tan color. The desert is just visible around the edge of the city.

After months of working with colleagues connected only via conference call, it is refreshing to have a team of coworkers here to call my team. Since we will live, work, eat, and travel together over the next three months, there will be plenty of opportunity for me to get tired of them, but right now, I couldn’t be happier with the guys who are here.

Ironically, the first time in my consulting career in which I have had to wear a suit to work every day is in a climate where it rarely drops below 105 degrees F during the day. Even tonight, while I sit and write this, it is nearly 95 degrees. Of course, life here exists in the form of short jaunt from one air conditioned building to another, so it almost doesn’t matter.

And heck, after three months enduring London’s wettest summer on record, seeing a forecast that looks like this simply makes you smile:

5 Day Forecast

Count Down to Riyadh

10 Aug

It’s Friday and on Monday morning, I am off to Riyadh for a three month assignment with work. It will be my first time in the region, but I am excited for what I am sure will prove to be a truly memorable experience.

I will be living on a compound with my fellow Monitor consultants, traveling frequently to different parts of the country, and enjoying the opportunity to see different cities in the region on the weekends (Thur and Fri… crazy).

Look here for updates on what it’s like living there.