mitch-fox-dec-2016Mitchell W. Fox is a Product Leader who lives in San Francisco. He’s an entrepreneur, product manager, and outdoorsman. He grew up in Boulder, Colorado and went to Georgetown University.


Mitch is currently a VP of Product Management at VTS, the leading SaaS product in commercial real estate.

Prior to VTS, Mitch was Chief Operating Officer as, the largest platform for sharing academic research online. He led Product, Design, and Growth as COO.

Mitch was Co-Founder of GoodApril, an online tax monitoring and advice service. GoodApril was part of the Techstars Boulder class of 2013, and is the only Techstars company to have been acquired before Demo Day. GoodApril’s first product, the Tax Checkup, would analyze your tax return to find ways you could pay less in taxes in the year ahead, and predict how your taxes would change based on tax law changes. GoodApril was acquired by Intuit TurboTax in August 2013.

Following the GoodApril acquisition, Mitch became a Director of Product Management at Intuit TurboTax. He was responsible for TurboTax’s response to the Affordable Care Act (the largest personal tax law change in a generation), including Intuit’s partnership with eHealth insurance. Mitch mentored and led product innovation teams at TurboTax, including the TurboTax BenefitAssist team. He led a strategic initiative exploring new business lines, which included the development and launch of an identity protection offering launched alongside TurboTax’s audit defense product in 2015.

Prior to Co-Founding GoodApril, Mitch was Interim Head of Product for Funding Circle USA. He joined shortly after the company’s Seed round of financing, built the company’s first online loan application, and saw the company through to making its first small business loans.

Mitch’s first role in technology was as Director of Marketing and Senior Product Manager at Zecco. Shortly after his departure, Zecco merged with TradeKing, which has since become part of Ally Financial. Mitch had responsibility for customer acquisition, managing all of Zecco’s acquisition channels, including online display banner advertising, SEM, affiliates, social media ads, SEO, and partnerships.  He was also the head of Zecco’s program management office, and was responsible for the launch of several products and initiatives, including Zecco’s mobile apps, its second-generation trading platform, its customer service and support tools (built on and a major pricing change.

Early Career:

Prior to becoming an Internet product manager, Mitch was a management strategy consultant. Mitch served as a Senior Associate Consultant at Bain & Company in Sydney Australia in 2008 and 2009.  At Bain, Mitch worked on growth strategy and cost reduction projects in telecommunications and retail banking.

Mitch began his consulting career at the Monitor Group in June 2004 as an intern in the firm’s Cambridge, MA headquarters, followed by a summer 2005 internship in Frankfurt, Germany. Mitch spent two years in Monitor’s San Francisco office supporting biotechnology and medical device clients with growth strategy and customer behavior research. He also worked both with New Profit, Inc and Monitor Institute. Mitch also spent a year working for the Monitor Group in London, Riyadh, and Johannesburg, South Africa.


Mitch is a graduate of Georgetown University‘s McDonough School of Business, where he studied International Business and Small Business Management, with a minor in Spanish. While an undergraduate, Mitch also studied abroad twice, at La Universidad de Las Americas in Quito, Ecuador (summer 2002) and El Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in Monterrey, Mexico (fall 2003).

Mitch was the Founder and President of Hilltop Consultants, a pro-bono student consulting organization serving nonprofit organizations in Washington, DC. Founded during his senior year, Mitch led Hilltop Consultants to serve four local nonprofits through free consulting projects.  Hilltop Consultants would also host Georgetown’s first ever undergraduate business case competition, and the only live business case competition to focus on a nonprofit organization in the country, the Business Strategy Challenge.  Hilltop Consultants is still active on campus today.

Mitch was a member Georgetown’s Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society, where he was an actor, technical director, set designer, and Producer of Wit, a powerful drama portraying one professor’s struggle with ovarian cancer, in collaboration with Director Isaiah Wooden in spring 2003. Mitch also served as Business Director, Senior Photography Editor, Editorial Board Member, and Member of the Board of Directors of The Hoya newspaper.


Born in San Jose, California, Mitch spent his elementary school years in Tucson, Arizona, and moved to Boulder, Colorado at the age of 10.  In Boulder, Mitch was active with the Boy Scouts of America, earning the rank of Eagle Scout within Troop 171. Mitch was elected the Youth Governor of Colorado in 2000, and represented the State of Colorado at the National Governor’s Conference in Washington, DC in spring 2001.  Mitch was also an active leader at Fairview High School, serving as Senior Class Vice President.

Personal Life and Interests:

Mitch is a husband and a father. He is a passionate outdoorsman, with a particular fondness for rock climbing, cycling, and running. He has also dabbled in triathlon, backpacking, and mountaineering.

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