Introducing GoodApril

19 Dec

GoodApril Tax Services

GoodApril is like for personal income taxes.

If you’re like most Americans, you don’t know how much you owe in taxes until you file in April, and what’s worse, you’re not confident you did the right things during the year to make sure you’re paying the least amount possible.

GoodApril plans to solve this by providing a web-based solution that aggregates your financial account data, just like, to generate a constantly updating forecast of how much you will owe next April. Our algorithm can then identify specific actions you could take to reduce your tax bill.  At the end of the year, we can then enable you to file your taxes in a fraction of the time it takes today with TurboTax.

In the near term, GoodApril plans to offer consumer-friendly tax forecasting tools to help you understand your tax situation, and to prepare for your tax bill come April.  Visit or email to get on our launch news list.

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