Earn My Tweets

15 Sep

Pyramids_Mitch I am falling in love with “status messages” and “tweets.” These handy little messages tell me what my friends are up to, in a simple, usable way. It’s the best way for me to stay up to date on the day-to-day life of my friends and family (yes, even my mom is on Twitter). Plus, they help me keep track of where on earth all my friends are at any given time. This weekend, for instance, while in Cairo, I discovered a fellow Georgetown alum and colleague was also visiting for the weekend because of his Facebook Status message.

The shame of the current system of status messages is that they are incompatible. I have at least three places where I could / want to update my status – Facebook, Google Talk, and Twitter (most of you probably have 6 or more), but have to update each manually. Why don’t these services talk to one another? I should be able to set an automated import of my twitter messages to Facebook the same way this post will be imported as a Facebook “note” when it is published. My Google Talk status message should change every time I change my Twitter message, but if I update Google, Twitter should change.

Two players stand to benefit most from an increasingly “open” system of status messages (in my world, at least): Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is already wide open (For instance I can import my twitter messages via RSS into my personal blog at mitchellwfox.com) and is the natural host platform. If status messages are like ripples in my social network pond, spreading quickly to all networks, Twitter is well positioned to be the “stone.”

Facebook stands to benefit because status messages will be ever-more current, and more constantly changing. Because of the network effect of social networking, Facebook is the obvious place for me to go for “one stop shopping” of status messages. My profile will be more current, and my friends might even spend an extra second or two on Facebook before logging off to read what my status message is. Multiply that by hundreds of friends…

Anyway, I may be way behind the curve here. Is there already a way to do this? If so, tell me what it is!

One Response to “Earn My Tweets”

  1. Jackson September 17, 2007 at 2:49 pm #

    1. Grab your Facebook status RSS feed
    2. Plug it in to http://www.rss2twitter.com/ or http://twitterfeed.com/
    3. Go nuts signing up for every “presence” app on earth: Dopplr, Plazes, Jaiku, etc.

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