Sexy Industries: The Sandbag Business

10 Aug

FloodFight SandbagsHere’s an interesting business idea and product: “self-inflating” sand bags. Not exactly sexy, but immensely practical. A 25 year old in Worcestershire, UK has rapidly created quite a high-volume business in sandbags after he experienced the flooding this summer first hand. The product actually sounds quite innovative since it can be easily stored and transported dry, then “inflated” in water – perhaps there would be a market in New Orleans?

A young entrepreneur is making money from the recent flooding in the United Kingdom by selling an innovative ‘self-inflating sandbag’ selling 200,000 units in the first months trading... within 4 weeks of the floods that caused so much havoc, Simon has launched FloodFight selling a revolutionary ‘self-inflating sandbag’.

The self-inflating sandbags require no sand, you just submerge them in water and within 3-5 minutes they expand from 1lb to 34lbs. The bags work by using recyclable type bags filled with polyacrylate polymer which absorbs the water and protects from flooding up to 2 feet high.

Check out the press release: “On my way to a million – How One Young Entrepreneur Is Making Money From The Floods

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